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IMF Money

January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Christine Lagarde says IMF members should increase the institution’s lending capacity by as much as $500 billion. The IMF says it will need to provide over $1 trillion in support to financially struggling governments over the next few years, and existing resources aren’t enough.

The governments being asked to increase contributions will take some convincing. They suspect a scheme to bail out Europe’s struggling treasuries and think Europe has enough resources of its own to fix its problems. They are right, but they are missing a larger point.

The economic crunch of the past four years has shown that the world needs the global lender of last resort that the IMF was originally intended to be. This means not just more financial resource, a bigger increase, in fact, than Lagarde is seeking, but also new rules for access to them and a new understanding about how the IMF is run. These reforms must be all of a piece for the economic plan to succeed.

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Immigrants in US will face more stringent rules, according to new money sending procedures unveiled recently.

Customers who send international money transfers will soon be entitled to clearer cost disclosures.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Friday issued new rules governing remittances, which are often used by immigrants to send money to family back home.

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The Washington Post reports that the rules also require companies to disclose any fees, the exchange rate and the amount that will ultimately be paid out to the recipient in local currency. Companies will also be required to investigate disputes and to give customers at least 30 minutes to cancel a transaction.

So what is it about money that triggers such strict rules? Mitt Romney has also been accused of using safe tax havesn to protect, well, his hard earned cash.

According to Wikipedia: Money is any object that is generally accepted as payment for…

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