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Slingshot Android Game

October 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Slingshot is a new android entertaining game where a boy finds his bananas missing from his bag, only to look up and discover monkeys are the culprits.

Slingshot practice free android game

Fed up with the monkeys’ taunting, the dude decides to take matters in his own hands.

Help the guy recover his fruits by aiming his imaginatively created slingshot to take back his lunch from the animals.

To win and go to the next level, you need to collect all the bananas in the room. This is achieved by correct placing of the red plate directly below the bananas so they can slide on it and land on the ground.

This new slingshot game is quite enjoyable to play for leisure on your mobile phone and is available free on Google Play. A good captivating game.

Kenyan Olympic Champion Ezekiel Kemboi charged with assaulting woman

June 28, 2012 Leave a comment

World and Olympics 3,000m steeplechase gold medalist, Ezekiel Kemboi has been accused of stabbing a 26-year-old woman in athletics town of Eldoret
Ezekiel Kemboi has been charged with assault after a woman said he stabbed her on Wednesday night.

World and Olympic 3,000m steeplechase gold medalist, Ezekiel Kemboi has been accused of stabbing the 26-year-old woman in athletics town of Eldoret allegedly after a drinking spree.

Police in Eldoret investigating the incident where world champion Kemboi is accused of stabbing a hotelier, Ann Njeri Otieno on Thursday interviewed the athlete for more than 6 hours before deciding to charge him with assault.


Rift Valley Provincial Police chief Francis Munyambu has confirmed the incident but says they have not established all the relevant facts about it.

A witness, Millicent Otieno said that she heard screams from the entrance of their home and on reaching there, “I met the guy who stabbed my sister but he drove off in a vehicle that was parked by the gate side”.

The victim claims she was drinking with the athlete until around midnight on 27th June.
“We left and as he was dropping me home, he made sexual advances to me and I declined. He locked the vehicle and started demanding it,” she said.

Speaking from her hospital bed at Mediheal Hospital in Eldoret, Njeri said, she managed to reach the unlock button in the car and stormed out.

“But as I was hurriedly opening our gate, he ran and caught up with me. A scuffle ensued and he threatened to kill me. He reached for a knife and stabbed me,” she said.

Njeri remebered she screamed for help before passing out.

The athlete sped off from the scene and drove to the Eldoret Police Station where he recorded a statement claiming he had been attacked by thugs.

As he left the scene, Kemboi allegedly dropped his personal documents that included a wallet, passport and money in both local and foreign currency which are in the custody of the woman’s family.

Athletics Kenya have not yet commented on the report.

On Thursday Kemboi was at the Eldoret police station recording a statement. He is still reported to be at the station at 2.30 PM Kenyan time.

Ipad HD rumors as Apple insider insist on iPad 3

March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

The new Apple device is the iPad HD, apparently. But with plenty of rumors flying around, it might still be the iPad 3, as some people claim to have seen and touched it, clandestinely, of course.

Will it be iPad HD or iPad 3? Why not just an iPad Mini tablet. The new tablet release event is hours away.

Apple might just launch the TV and keep people waiting as final touches are made to the processor.

Mombasa Republican Council demand “independence” from Kenya

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment
Mombasa Republican Council, kenya news, mrc

Mombasa Republican Council

Kenya Muslim leaders have asked the government to de-list the Mombasa Republican Council as an illegal group in order to enable dialogue.

In its manifesto, the Mombasa Republican Council claims that their country (Coast province) has become a field for Kenyans to steal their wealth and demands the removal of Kenya’s administration and with the end result being an independent country with Mombasa as the capital city.

The major grievances that gave rise to the Mombasa Republican Council are land matters, employment opportunities and generally poor economic situation. Many native Mombasa and Coast residents decry the fact that the major industries there including tourism and farming are dominated by upcountry Kenyans (Wabara) or foreigners.

The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya said that the MRC’s concerns were genuine and urged the government to give them a hearing to ensure a peaceful election period at the Coast.

“The group has conducted all its activities peacefully. Let all government bodies interested in talks with them prove their seriousness by first legalising the group in order to bind the deliberations,” said CIPK secretary-general Sheikh Mohammed Dor.

This comes after the Mombasa Republican Council filed a constitutional application at the High Court to demand a referendum on the secession of the Coast.

Internal Security minister George Saitoti said last week that the group has to renounce the secession agenda for the government to listen to its grievances.

The MRC is demanding secession over historical land grievances in the Coast region.

The government banned the group in 2009, but it has refused to go, deciding instead to challenge the ban.

The group’s secretary-general Randu Nzai Ruwa says the Mombasa Republican Council is “a social movement of the poor” and has huge following in the province.

“We do not hide because our cause is justified in the eyes of man and God,” Mr Nzai was quoted as saying.

It is not possible to estimate how much support the MRC has among the general population at the Coast province because many residents are not willing to openly declare support for a group labelled illegal by the authorities.

Nokia X2-05 Specs Review

January 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Nokia X2-05, price, tech Specs, Review

Nokia X2-05 comes with common features like user-friendly keypad and long lasting battery. The X2-05 mobile has an exciting display with 2.2-inch screen size, screen Resolution 240 x 320 TFT, display 65, 000 colors, Numeric keypad, Navigation key, and Call key.

Nokia X2-05 packs a powerful 106phon speaker to pump out the big sound of your favorite tunes. Plug in with any headphones and play multiple formats with the MP3 music player. Or put your own playlist on pause and listen to some live FM radio, where you can record the tracks you take to.

The battery timing of Nokia X2- 05 is also very impressive because its Talk time is maximum GSM up to 7.4 hrs, Standby time maximum GSM up to 643 hrs MP3 playback time maximum 20 hrs.

Nokia X2-05 important specifications include a MicroSD memory card with support up to 32 GB, call records and photo calls.

Nokia X2-05 has an exclusive Contacts and calls management as multiple phone and email details, Speed dialing to find phone numbers quickly, Logs of dialed, received and missed calls, Voice messaging services and incorporated hands free speaker etc.

Nokia X2-05 has a VGA 640×480 pixels camera, with a full screen viewfinder for a great look at memorable moments. Get up to 32GB of memories and music on microSD card, share and manage your media with Bluetooth and Micro USB connections for easy file transfer.

The many other exciting features are also included in Nokia X2-05 which are: MicroSD memory card slot (with hot swap) up to 32 GB, so many Contacts, Nokia Messaging Service, Mobile QQ, Photos, Videos, Calculator, Date, Clock, Converter, Chinese dictionary, PC Applications as Nokia pc Suite etc.

We can get Nokia X2-05 with the standard sales package such as Nokia Battery BL-5CB, Nokia Charger AC-3, Nokia Stereo Headset WH-102 and Quick start guide.

A lot has ben said bout how symbian os cannot compete with android or iOS, but the fact that Nokia phones are stil popular debunks that myth.

Nokia X2-05 has an exciting MP3 music player, integrated 106phon loud speaker; Audio codec’s including MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, RadioStereo FM radio, Radio recording etc.

The mobile comes with Nokia Browser 1.0, Page compression, Data monitoring, Web app support, Facebook & Twitter clients, WAP browsing, supported protocols: WAP 2.0 and the exclusive connectivity of Bluetooth 2., Micro USB connector ,2 mm charging connector, 3.5 mm AV connector Micro USB to PC connectivity etc.

No WiFi unfortunately with the Nokia X2-05.

IMF Money

January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Christine Lagarde says IMF members should increase the institution’s lending capacity by as much as $500 billion. The IMF says it will need to provide over $1 trillion in support to financially struggling governments over the next few years, and existing resources aren’t enough.

The governments being asked to increase contributions will take some convincing. They suspect a scheme to bail out Europe’s struggling treasuries and think Europe has enough resources of its own to fix its problems. They are right, but they are missing a larger point.

The economic crunch of the past four years has shown that the world needs the global lender of last resort that the IMF was originally intended to be. This means not just more financial resource, a bigger increase, in fact, than Lagarde is seeking, but also new rules for access to them and a new understanding about how the IMF is run. These reforms must be all of a piece for the economic plan to succeed.

Climate Tech News

Immigrants in US will face more stringent rules, according to new money sending procedures unveiled recently.

Customers who send international money transfers will soon be entitled to clearer cost disclosures.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Friday issued new rules governing remittances, which are often used by immigrants to send money to family back home.

money ache, business, immigration, send money

The Washington Post reports that the rules also require companies to disclose any fees, the exchange rate and the amount that will ultimately be paid out to the recipient in local currency. Companies will also be required to investigate disputes and to give customers at least 30 minutes to cancel a transaction.

So what is it about money that triggers such strict rules? Mitt Romney has also been accused of using safe tax havesn to protect, well, his hard earned cash.

According to Wikipedia: Money is any object that is generally accepted as payment for…

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Boko Haram terror as Kano is bombed

January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

boko haram, kano, nigeria, bombing, Mohammed Yusuf

The Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for setting off multiple bombs in the Nothern city of Kano where hundreds have been reported killed.

Despite the Sultan of Sokoto Sa’adu Abubakar has called the sect “anti-Islamic” and an embarrassment to Islam, the sect appears to be thriving andhas recently increased attacks as it aims to make Nigeira, or parts thereof, an Islamic state.

Boko Haram has said their violent action was to retaliate for the arrest of many of its members by the government. The group’s spokesman, Abdul Qaqa told journalists in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital that they would carry out more attacks if the members were not freed immediately.

Boko Haram promotes a version of Islam which makes it “haram”, or forbidden, for Muslims to take part in any political or social activity associated with Western society.

It is officially called People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad or, ama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad and was founded 10 years ago by charismatic preacher, Mohammed Yusuf.

Boko Haram propagates a version of Islam that not only forbids any interaction with the Western culture but it is also against the traditional Muslim establishment and the government of Nigeria in Abuja.