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Mermaids: real or myth?

July 28, 2012 Leave a comment

During Caribbean travels off the coast of the Dominican Republic in 1493, Christopher Columbus recorded in his log his observations of “female forms” that “rose high out of the sea”.

But NOAA has stated that “No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.” Nevertheless, mermaid entertainment is quite popular.

A recent Discovery Channel show about mermaids. In a tone of scholarly endeavor, the show purported to show evidence of the existence of mermaids or some similar human-like marine dweller. And it reportedly turned a number of viewers into believers, or at least questioners.

Are mermaids real? What we know is that mermaid games,videos and books are real.

Italians have found a home in the world

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

At a time in which design has become more international than ever — provocateurs from the Netherlands, Japan and Brazil are just a few of the players who’ve shared the field in the last decade — Italy’s reach is global.

And when you say “Italy,” you really mean “Milano.” It’s the country’s design capital, the place where every aspiring young designer heads in hopes of becoming a powerhouse. Italian design has many legendary, influential figures, like Alessandro Mendini and Michele De Lucchi.

But among the most powerful designers in Milan today are three mega-successful people — Antonio Citterio, Piero Lissoni and Patricia Urquiola, a Spanish protégée of both Castiglioni and Magistretti who set up shop in Milan in 2001.


Tour the showrooms of the top-tier Italian companies, and these three are omnipresent. At this year’s Milan furniture fair, for example, Urquiola’s designs appeared at B&B Italia, Kartell, Moroso and Axor (a German maker of bathroom fixtures), to name a few.

Lissoni has designed hotel interiors in Tokyo and Jerusalem. Citterio has designed furniture, most notably the lean, elegant Charles sectional sofa of 1997, which has inspired a thousand knockoffs. (According to Citterio, there is even a Chinese company whose Web site bears his name, although its copies are, of course, unauthorised.)

What these designers have in common is a stylistic language that makes Modernism user-friendly. Their clean lines, precise details and knowing sense of fashion (a few years ago, it was coffee tables that hovered near the floor; now it’s sprawling sofas suitable for a loft or club) make them shoo-ins for upscale condominium lobbies, where people want to feel comfortable as well as au courant.

While it may be technically sophisticated, it isn’t shocking or abrasive; it fits in anywhere. It’s a kind of New International Style.

Yonni Barrios Rojas: The Wife, The Mistress, The Movie

October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Yonni Barrios Rojas always lived an undistinguished  life until the Chilean mine collapse on August 5th. Now the sly soft spoken man is the most (in)famous of the 33 men who were rescued today.  His wife of 28 years got to know about his mistress when she attended a night vigil at the mine’s entrance only to be met by a crying woman chanting her husband’s name.

The wife is Marta Salinas, 58 and the mistress is Susana Valenzuela, 45.  According to Mr Rojas’ sister, Lidia Barrios Rojas, her brother has been seeing Ms Valenzuela for 5 years but she doubts he ever planned to leave his wife for her as she has claimed.

As for Ms Valenzuela’s claim that she did not know that Rojas was married, Lidia says it’s all part of the Susana’s strategy to win public support as the ‘suffering long time mistress’.  According to Lidia this is the summary of her brother’s complicated domestic situation:

He loves his family. He especially loves his wife, Marta. But he also apparently likes Susana. He could have told Susana severally that he doesn’t love his wife anymore and he planned to leave Marta and marry her. But no man tells his mistress he still loves his wife. Susana believed him even when the promised ‘divorce’ kept on being postponed.

Lidia says Susana is a great cook and her brother loves food and maybe that is why his head tells him one thing and the heart says the opposite.  What about the cheeky invitation to both women to wait for him at the rescue centre?

“Oh, About that!” She exclaims laughing, “My brother knew his wife hates creating scenes and she would mostly likely opt out. By inviting both, his mistress felt his love for her had been confirmed, and he would still find a way to explain to his wife it was all caused by a lapse of judgement on his part. I know my brother. He wants to keep both but I don’t see such a possibility happening. Now he must make a decision. And I know it won’t be easy for him. ”

Whichever way it ends, Lidia says her brother will never be the same again after some movie mogul from Hollywood was introduced to the family by the country’s Information minister two days ago.  “Yonni is becoming a millionaire soon,” she reveals.

The love triangle between Mr Yonni Barrios Rojas, his wife and his mistress might not be resolved soon, but not so his hitherto dire financial situation, courtesy of his unusual family predicament.

Wanjiru, Shobukhova win Chicago Marathon

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment
Sammy Wanjiru of Kenya and Liliya Shobukhova of Russia are the winners of the Chicago Marathon today, 10th October 2010.
Wanjiru won the men’s race in 2:06:23 while Shobukhova took the women’s title in a personal-best 2:20:25.

‘Sexual element’ in Saudi prince’s servant killing

October 5, 2010 Leave a comment

A Saudi prince murdered his servant in an attack which had a “sexual element”, the Old Bailey has heard.

Bandar Abdulaziz, 32, was found beaten and strangled to death in the Landmark Hotel, Marylebone, central London, on 15 February.

The court was told Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud had carried out several assaults on the victim before he died.

Mr al Saud admits the killing but denies murder and one count of grievous bodily harm with intent.

The jury has been asked to decide whether he is guilty of manslaughter or murder.

When the body was found the prince claimed his aide had been attacked and robbed three weeks before his death.

But the jury was told Mr al-Saud carried out the killing – and injuries including bite marks to Mr Abdulaziz’s face showed the “ferocity of the attack to which he had been subjected”.

Jonathan Laidlaw QC, prosecuting, said hotel CCTV from 22 January revealed the victim had previously been subjected to a “really nasty assault” by the prince.