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Slingshot Android Game

October 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Slingshot is a new android entertaining game where a boy finds his bananas missing from his bag, only to look up and discover monkeys are the culprits.

Slingshot practice free android game

Fed up with the monkeys’ taunting, the dude decides to take matters in his own hands.

Help the guy recover his fruits by aiming his imaginatively created slingshot to take back his lunch from the animals.

To win and go to the next level, you need to collect all the bananas in the room. This is achieved by correct placing of the red plate directly below the bananas so they can slide on it and land on the ground.

This new slingshot game is quite enjoyable to play for leisure on your mobile phone and is available free on Google Play. A good captivating game.

Mermaids: real or myth?

July 28, 2012 Leave a comment

During Caribbean travels off the coast of the Dominican Republic in 1493, Christopher Columbus recorded in his log his observations of “female forms” that “rose high out of the sea”.

But NOAA has stated that “No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.” Nevertheless, mermaid entertainment is quite popular.

A recent Discovery Channel show about mermaids. In a tone of scholarly endeavor, the show purported to show evidence of the existence of mermaids or some similar human-like marine dweller. And it reportedly turned a number of viewers into believers, or at least questioners.

Are mermaids real? What we know is that mermaid games,videos and books are real.

Kenyan Olympic Champion Ezekiel Kemboi charged with assaulting woman

June 28, 2012 Leave a comment

World and Olympics 3,000m steeplechase gold medalist, Ezekiel Kemboi has been accused of stabbing a 26-year-old woman in athletics town of Eldoret
Ezekiel Kemboi has been charged with assault after a woman said he stabbed her on Wednesday night.

World and Olympic 3,000m steeplechase gold medalist, Ezekiel Kemboi has been accused of stabbing the 26-year-old woman in athletics town of Eldoret allegedly after a drinking spree.

Police in Eldoret investigating the incident where world champion Kemboi is accused of stabbing a hotelier, Ann Njeri Otieno on Thursday interviewed the athlete for more than 6 hours before deciding to charge him with assault.


Rift Valley Provincial Police chief Francis Munyambu has confirmed the incident but says they have not established all the relevant facts about it.

A witness, Millicent Otieno said that she heard screams from the entrance of their home and on reaching there, “I met the guy who stabbed my sister but he drove off in a vehicle that was parked by the gate side”.

The victim claims she was drinking with the athlete until around midnight on 27th June.
“We left and as he was dropping me home, he made sexual advances to me and I declined. He locked the vehicle and started demanding it,” she said.

Speaking from her hospital bed at Mediheal Hospital in Eldoret, Njeri said, she managed to reach the unlock button in the car and stormed out.

“But as I was hurriedly opening our gate, he ran and caught up with me. A scuffle ensued and he threatened to kill me. He reached for a knife and stabbed me,” she said.

Njeri remebered she screamed for help before passing out.

The athlete sped off from the scene and drove to the Eldoret Police Station where he recorded a statement claiming he had been attacked by thugs.

As he left the scene, Kemboi allegedly dropped his personal documents that included a wallet, passport and money in both local and foreign currency which are in the custody of the woman’s family.

Athletics Kenya have not yet commented on the report.

On Thursday Kemboi was at the Eldoret police station recording a statement. He is still reported to be at the station at 2.30 PM Kenyan time.

Mohammed Morsi is new Egypt President

June 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Mohammed Morsi new Egypt President

Egypt election commission has declared Mohammed Morsi the winner of the closely contested presidential vote.
The announcement had to be paused as chaos erupted in the newsroom after the announcement while Tahrir square where most of the people gathered were supporters of the Muslim brotherhood candidate erupted in celebration.

Ahmed Mohamed Shafik: 48%
Mohammed Morsi: 52%

Extra troops and police have been deployed across Egypt. Supreme Presidential Elections Commission head Farouq Sultan announced that Mohammed Mursi had won 51.73 per cent of the vote.

Playing new Android games

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment

new google play android game

Many Android games are real fun to play but finding the right game for you is not easy considering that there are thousands of apps to choose from, some free but the most entertaining ones you have to buy usually at the range of $1 to $5.

My most favorite android game is angry birds, but there are other new, no less entertaining games like the draw something also available on Google play.

The space game is a 2d shooting game whose main objective is to destroy all the UFOs by precise accurate shooting. The spaceship can be manoeuvred in several directions as you evade ehtereal missiles and shoot.

The first level of game is relatively easy as you only need to evade or shoot UFOs moving horizontally on the screen. However, as the level elevates up, the enemies become cleverer and wiser. Some of the UFO may even shoot heat sink missiles, following your path.

If you want to bond with your families of friends, this game can strengthen it. Challenge your friends or family by competing with them and comparing each other’s score.

The space game is a great amusing method to enhance once mood, especially if she feels bored or tired. And a good pastime when travelling on the bus or the train.

Another interesting app on Google play is draw something because it makes art seem so much fun. Happy playing!

Rare Skin infection kills dozens

April 21, 2012 Leave a comment

A rare skin disease has killed scores in Vietnam.

Vietnam now plans to ask for international help to find out what is causing a skin infection that has already killed 19 people.

More than 170 people in the country’s central province of Quang Ngai have reported symptoms.
The disease begins with a rash on the hands and feet: it can progress to liver problems and multiple organ failure.
Vietnamese health ministry tests have failed to pinpoint the cause of the unusual illness.

New iPad unboxing on Video

March 9, 2012 Leave a comment

The new iPad unboxing shows the A5X chip lying on the Logic Board of the Apple tablet.

The video below explains what is in the guts of the new Apple iPad. At the beginning of the video is the motherboard image, with the A5X processor clearly visible.

A close look hows the 5 MP iPad camera and the numbering of the various gadgets that work together to make the iPad what it is; a market leader in the mobile tablet field.